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    Managed IT Services..
    Permanent Staffing , Contract Staffing
    Recruitment Process Outsourcing , Payroll solutions
    HR Consultant , Flexi Staffing Solutions , Training & Development
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    We transfer your ideas,
    to customized systems
    that serves you needs
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    We train you think & Execute.
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Permanent Staffing
A permanent staffing assignment refers to those Jobs when you as a company readmore...
HR Consultant
8S Solutions is emerging as a first-class HR Consultant in USA offering effective readmore...
Recruitment Process
Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a form of business process outsourcing readmore...
Training & Development
8S Solutions is a professionally managed HR & Placement Company in USA readmore...
8S Solutions LLC
8S Solutions LLC is a global services firm in USA that provides a portfolio of Consulting, Staffing and Outsourcing services readmore...